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  • Preorder the Texas Legislative Handbook

    The Texas Legislative Handbook is your best quick reference guide to the 86th Session of the Texas legislature. The 60 page pocket sized book is published at the start of the session and contains invaluable information on:

    • District Representation
    • Committee Assignments
    • Photos and Party Affiliation of Texas Legislators
    • Seating Charts
    • Capitol Complex office, Telephone and Fax numbers
    • Staff and assistant
    • The Governor’s Office
    • The Lieutenant Governor’s Office
    • The Speaker’s Office
    • The Texas Delegation in Washington
    • How a Bill Becomes a Law
    • State Holidays
    • Capitol Complex Map

    Cost: $8.95 plus tax and shipping - order today:

  • Texas Directory is Online

    Texas State Directory is no longer being offered in a printed format, Texas Directory Online provides City, County, State, and Federal contact information in an easy to use format.  Subscribers to the site can download individual records into their contacts and receive updates and announcements regularly from the site.  Subscriptions to Texas Directory Online are $125.00 per year and can be purchased here:

  • Legislative Offices

    The 86th Session of the Texas Legislature begins on Tuesday, January 8th and newly elected members will not officially have a Capitol office until they are sworn in.  Texas Directory Online will provide the complete list as soon as it becomes available.   

    The 116th Congressional members were sworn in today and their Capitol offices are up-to-date, but we are still receiving new district office and staff information.  

    Please contact us if you have questions and register at to get the latest updates and announcements.