In the News

  • Desktop Copy of Texas Counties Now Available

    2021 Texas County Desktop PDF

    Due to customer demand for a searchable copy of the Texas State Directory, we now offer a desktop copy of  254 counties in Texas. 

  • 2021-2022 Texas Legislative Handbook

    The Texas Legislative Handbook for the 87th Session is available for purchase at  

    A downloadable updated PDF version of the Handbook is available on this site. Click to purchase the desktop PDF edition.

  • 7_2022: Newly Published PDF of Texas Cities

    The Texas City file is formatted like the previously published Texas State Directory and contains city contact address, population and recently elected city elected officials.  This file does not contain email.  Emails and full contact information for cities can be purchased by creating a custom list on our site.

  • Texas Directory is Online

    Texas State Directory is no longer being offered in a printed format, Texas Directory Online provides City, County, State, and Federal contact information in an easy to use format.  Subscribers to the site can download individual records into their contacts and receive updates and announcements regularly from the site.  Subscriptions to Texas Directory Online are $125.00 per year and can be purchased here: